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Melbourne Training And Assessment College

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Melbourne Training and Assessment College, in partnership with Fortress Learning RTO # 31974, offers you the ability to attain the qualification of TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, through a unique and thoughtfully integrated face-to-face delivery method and delivered by some of the most qualified and passionate trainers and assessors in Australia

Our course has been developed in conjunction with Fortress Learning and it supersedes the previous TAE40110. Our face to face delivery enables you to interact practically in your learning experience and gain the skills and knowledge you require to become a competent and engaging trainer and assessor in your workplace and the VET sector 

At Melbourne Training and Assessment College, we understand that people are time poor and may not have the ability or desire to dedicate the long period of time normally required for training to acquire the necessary qualification through traditional training providers. Therefore, we have developed our course for TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in partnership with Fortress Learning RTO # 31974,that comprehensively integrates all the required skills and knowledge in the qualification into an enjoyable, hands-on delivery enabling you to attain a high quality qualification you can apply in the workplace, TAFE or RTO.

   Our course will suit people who:

  • Currently train and assess in the workplace and who need to formalise their skills
  • People in the workplace who would like to become Trainers and Assessors in their workplace or in a Registered Training Organisations (RTO)
  • Existing Trainers and Assessors in RTOs
  • Or simply those wishing to educate themselves further in Adult Education

The course delivery :

  • All students will be enrolled for 12 months
  • Our time efficient delivery provides you with a face to face delivery of 10 consecutive business days. The final Friday of each course is a Study Day dedicated to those who would like more time to review or ask for assistance and support from their Trainer. These Study Days are also offered to any current or previous student who would like to attend and get further assistance or to master specific areas throughout the 12 month enrollment period. Your Trainer will discuss the full details of the post course support upon induction into your course on day 1 of the face to face class.
  • All practical training sessions and group assessments are completed in class; there is no requirement for vocational placement with our course. Assessments not completed in class time will need to be completed by you in your own time. There are assessment tasks that will need to be completed after the face to face delivery of the course, however you are free to submit tasks as soon as they are completed. Our course design provides you with the ability to work around your current commitments to complete your course.
  • Class hours start at 9am each day and finishing about 5pm
  • As mentioned, Melbourne Training and Assessment College (MTACC) will continue to provide student with support services, guidance and assistance after the initial face to face component of the course is complete, to assist you through to completion.

The cost for your qualification of TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is only $2950

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